Upcoming events

talent show

One of the main reasons why people engage in drugs is idleness. This is the reason why NA also holds different events to engage our patients. These events are designed to bring the addicts together and participate in activities to help them recognize their strengths. We hold these events every Mondays and Thursdays at our meeting centers. In the events, patients participate in different activities like dances, parties, and picnic.  One of the group members is chosen to lead the events. No fee is charged to participate in our events.

 Mondays between 9.00 AM and 1.00 AM, we hold dance competitions where all our members are encouraged to participate. Judges are also selected from the members. The winners get a reward for the event.

 On Mondays from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM, we hold a talent search where members show off their skills. This helps our members know their talent, which they can also work on after recovery.

On Thursdays from 9.00 AM to 12.00 AM, we have an alumni retreat event where patients who have recovered from drug addiction are invited to share their experiences. All our past patients are usually happy with their current life and sharing with each other also makes them stronger. The alumni are also invited to share with other people who are yet to recover from addiction.  This is usually an interactive session where addicts can ask questions and get the answers they need.

On Thursdays from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM, we hold an event for our members to work on the skills that they are good at. We invite professionals who help the addicts on specific areas. This is an important event since addicts can advance their skills and get something meaning full to do after recovery. We, therefore, encourage all our members to participate.