Success Stories

stories of success

The main aim of our organization is to bring addicts back to their productive functioning in their workstations, family and the community at large. Since the establishment of our organization, we have managed to help more than 50,000 addicts above the age of 12 get out of drug addiction. Majority of these patients were addicted to cocaine, heroin followed by marijuana.  A large number of people who join our program are men.  Of the 50,000 people, 31, 210 were male and 18, 790 were female. 2,600 of our patients were addicted to drugs for more than 10 years.  The patients also come from different races, religious and cultural backgrounds. More than 50% of the patients were unemployed. Most people who are committed to our program improve their social and occupation function. We also do follow up care for our patients to avoid relapse. As an organization that is committed to helping drug addicts start a new and healthy life, we have managed to achieve a lot as far as drug addiction recovery is concerned. This can be clearly seen from the success stories we have received:

Anthony, for instance, has been a drug addict for more than 15 years. He started taking marijuana while in high school due to peer pressure. When Anthony reached 20, he could not touch anything before smoking marijuana. The addiction got so bad that he ended up losing everything; his friends, family, and even his job. This is the time when Anthony started searching for a rehab. We welcomed Anthony in our organization when the depression was almost getting over him. We encouraged Anthony to join our meetings every day for the first 3 months. Spending more time to share his experiences and also listen to other addicts who have gone through the same situation also encouraged him. Anthony later realized that getting out of drug addiction was not a difficult task as what he had imagined before. What he learned was that drug addiction is a disease just like any other and with proper care and attention; it is easy for an obsession to get back to their normal life again.  Our organization gave Anthony his life back and he later reunited with his family.  Anthony now has another job and owns an apartment. He also married and is blessed with two kids. But even after getting out of the addiction, Anthony has never stopped attending our meetings and encouraging other people who are also in the same situation.

John Braham was also among the patients who attended NA meetings. John was an athlete and was always on top of his class, a straight a students as he says. He started taking marijuana as the age of 17 when all the members of his family died in a road crash. The feeling of being all alone in the word left him depressed, and he went to schooling. When he reached 21, John started using cocaine. He realized that he has a problem as soon as he started taking cocaine and could do nothing entirely without it. Looking back, John feels that drug addiction took the most of his younger days. John was later referred to our organization to be a doctor. The experiences shared by other people who were in the same situation gave him hope, and he realized that no matter the situation that led him to drug addiction, he can still recover and start a new and healthier life. Now, John never gets tired of helping people with drug addiction. He had no experience working in a drug treatment center, but he did know how to interact with addicts.  He now has his own treatment center where he helps other people recover from addiction.