Student support

In many countries, College students constitute the largest percentage of people who consume drugs. Students indulge in drugs due to stress, curiosity, course load or peer pressure. NA also supports students of the University of Michigan who want to recover from drug and substance addiction.  We offer marijuana, tobacco, and other drug programs, counseling and psychiatric services, LGBT resource center and student health services. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe environment where college students in recovery can achieve both their academic and professional goals.

We offer a platform where addicted college students can share their experiences and stay free from any type of drug addiction.  We also offer on-campus housing for students who want to recover from drug and substance abuse. This provides an environment where college addicts can support each other and have a real college experience without consuming drugs. Students are also able to create meaningful relationships that are solely based on friendship, sobriety and academic success. In our on-campus housing, we also provide counseling support, organized activities, and education resources.   NA provides addicted college students with;

  • 24/7 student lounge space
  • Recovery housing
  • Awareness, advocacy, and education
  • Information on drug addiction and referrals
  • Community service opportunities
  • Social events

We provide ongoing support to help college students change their lives. We are committed to guide the students through the recovery process and achieve success in their education. Different age groups require different treatment methods. In our organization, the first step to help students recover from drug addiction is making them understand they have a problem which needs to be addressed. Most of the college students experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop consumption. Our cancellers help the students to control their cravings and the life difficulties that lead them to drug addiction we also treat the behaviors and psychological problems that led to addiction.  Most addicted college students also shy away from getting into a drug rehab due to the high costs involved. At NA, we have different payment treatment options available. We also provide mental health resources and free counseling sessions where students can participate in.