Who we are

The Narcotic Anonymous Organization of Ferndale, Michigan is dedicated to offering world-class care and treatment to drug addicts. We are proud to help patients recover from any type of drug and substance abuse within the state of Michigan and other parts of the world. Our main goal is to help those struggling with drug addiction by providing a platform where they can easily find and participate in our meetings. We also help members start meetings within their community. These meetings comprise of people with drug problems who want to recover from their addiction.

With the aid of our efficient and reliable staff, we promise to provide the best quality care to our clients by supporting them through the life-altering and challenging problems that come with drug and substance abuse.  We will not only help you recover from addiction, but we will also help rebuild your relationships and live a healthy drug-free lifestyle.  The first step towards recovery is to reach out and asking for help, and we are one of the best organizations in the US that will come to your rescue by offering the best experience and outcome to our highly esteemed guests.  We are all about helping drug addicts to help themselves.

If you are a victim of any kind of addiction or you know a friend or relative who needs help, you can always get assistance at the Narcotic Anonymous Organization of Ferndale, Michigan. There are no requirements to be met; you only need to make a choice to become a member. Since our inception, we have recorded a high level of success in treating and defeating drug addiction. Apart from helping victims overcome the effects of drug addiction, we also promote long tasting healing and offer both effective and safe professional therapies. The patient family also benefit as our program helps restore the family’s health and well being

who we are