About the Program

When a person is actively addicted, he or she experienced increased isolation and it is also hard for them to maintain a good relationship.  Many organizations connect their members to specific organizations, but what makes Narcotics Anonymous unique is that incorporate several groups to help drug victims recover from addiction.  We seek the help of those in government, treatment and health care professional the clergy, private voluntary organizations, and criminal justice organizations. In our program, we share important information to help victims recover, provide our patients with contact information and distribute recovery literature. NA members are always available to share with victims who are not able to participate in community meetings.

Our members comprise of people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.  The membership is also voluntary, and we do not record the attendance. Our primary mission is to assist victims of drug addiction help each other and start a healthier life.  The groups rent meeting spaces in buildings owned by the public, civil or religious organizations. Individual members lead the meetings while other members take turns to share their experiences. In places where members of the group grow and stabilize, representatives are elected. These representatives join together to form a local service committee that is in charge of providing service which includes the distribution of NA literature, providing helpline information services and providing information for treatment centers and healthcare facilities.

Most people who attend our program are males 57% compared to females 43%. Many of the addicts who join as are between the ages of 17-35. Also, a large percentage of those who participate in our program are unemployed.

Since incepted, we have recorded a high level of achievement. This is clearly seen in two most important areas, family relations and social connection. More than 90% of our members have recorded a good relationship with their family. 88% of our members have also reported improved social connection. NA members meet regularly to motivate each other, which helps them stay clean. Our main interest is not on what you have been using, for how long or how much of the drug you have used. We are only interested in what you want to do regarding the problem and how we can help improve your situation. In our program we:

  • Offer extra support that which is important in reducing the risk of relapse during recovery
  • Offer a safe monitored program which is also medicinally aided to help address the physical aspects of addiction
  • We incorporate your loved ones in the drug recovery process