About meetings

Our meetings are designed in such a way that all members can participate, which is also an important element in the recovery process. The meetings offer a platform for the addicts to share with each other. People attend meetings for different reasons, but the main purpose is to help drug addict victims share their recovery with other people who face the same problem. We also have open meetings where non-addicts can participate. If you have a drug problem, it is important to participate in the meetings every day for at least 3 months to get more information about our program and the NA members.  In the meetings, our main concern is not on the type of drugs used or what quantity of the drug you have consumers. We are only interested in the impact of addiction and recovery in the addict’s life. Our meetings are not like group therapy sessions, which mean that we do not provide counseling or give lesions on drug addiction. The members are only expected to share their journey through addiction and recovery. The meetings are held in treatment centers, churches, and other places that are convenient, available and more affordable. We do not charge a membership fee.

Meetings are available in different sizes and shapes. NA provides two types of meetings; speaker or discussion meetings. In speaker meetings, one or more members are given a chance to speak over a certain period of time.  Discussion meetings involve members sharing in turns. If you are a newcomer, you will be asked to introduce yourself to other members by your first name. You can expect a handshake, a hug or a welcome key tag. After the meeting, the members gather for NA reading or a short prayer from one of the members.  Most groups do not allow non-members to share in meetings, but you can still participate in anniversary or birthday celebrations.

After each meeting, there is a short break where members can talk, use the bathroom and get refreshments. No drugs are allowed in the meeting. Threats, harassment or disturbing behavior is also prohibited. Another thing that members should avoid during the meeting is side discussion, text messages, and phone calls. Hugs are common in our meetings but you also have the liberty to say if you are not comfortable.