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The Narcotic Anonymous Organization of Ferndale, Michigan

About Us

The Narcotic Anonymous Organization of Ferndale, Michigan is dedicated to offering world-class care and treatment to drug addicts. We are proud to help patients recover from any type of drug and substance abuse within the state of Michigan and other parts of the world. Our main goal is to help those struggling with drug addiction by providing a platform where they can easily find and participate in our meetings. We also help members start meetings within their community. These meetings comprise of people with drug problems who want to recover from their addiction. 

Treatment Programs

There are many types of drug addiction treatment, the individualized addiction treatment programs we offer can help you lead a life of recovery.

Expert Counselor

Addiction counselors are qualified professionals who can help you curve your way toward sobriety. Discover what counselors do and where to find them.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Detox and treatment were just the beginning of your addiction treatment. Preventing relapse is the very key to a long-term success.

Our Services

Individual and group counseling

Individual counseling focuses on how to reduce or stop substance use,while group counseling provides social reinforcement in the path to recovery.

Inpatient and residential treatment

These program focuses on helping these individuals to change their behaviors in a highly disciplined and structured setting.

Peer and family supports

They are individuals in recovery who can use their own experiences to help those working towards recovery. A very critical component in the success of this treatment.

Recovery support services

These non-clinical services to support individuals in their recovery journey. These are provided often by peers, or others who are already in recovery.

Our 6-month program

Learn what substance abuse treatment programs will include, also if they are right for you, and how they helped hundreds to get free from addiction

Success Stories

Read success stories from the Narcotic Anonymous Organization of Ferndale, Michigan to learn about their struggles with substance abuse and their path to recovery with the help of our program.

Anthony, for instance, has been a drug addict for more than 15 years. He started taking marijuana while in high school due to peer pressure. When Anthony reached 20, he could not touch anything…

John Braham was also among the patients who attended NA meetings. John was an athlete and was always on top of his class, a straight a students as he says. He started taking marijuana as the age of 17 when all the members of his family died in a road crash. The feeling of being all alone in the word left him…

success stories

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